Special Needs Dentistry in Lancaster, OH

Every child is unique and special in their own way. They have a distinct way to do everything and they see the world from every perspective imaginable. They open our eyes to a world that we never knew. What may work for one child doesn’t for another. Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry specializes in helping children and want to work with you and them directly to find the best way to address their needs. Dental care can be scary for anyone especially children. We work hard to provide the best environment possible. We also specialize in finding solutions to those children with special needs. We are sensitive to them and understand that each child may need a different way of caring. We are grateful for that and love what we do!

We know as parents and guardians you are looking for the most comfortable and smooth dental experience for your child and/or child with special needs. We work hard to provide an environment that is enjoyable for your children no matter the needs that they have. We also strive to keep it fun and have resources to help with making your child feel as at home as possible. Our team loves what they do and they work hard individually to make it a pleasant environment for all. They each bring some unique qualifications and experiences to Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry.

Pediatric Dentistry Specialization

We know that children can be unpredictable at times and understand that plans need to be changed once in a while to fit the needs of a child. We are grateful here at Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry that we have a very flexible staff and are happy to change plans when necessary. We prepare well everyday for the children that will be coming and take our practice very seriously. However we also like to have fun and know that children will have a better experience with a happy, positive atmosphere and we work hard to maintain that here as well.

We provide preventative care for children and sedation dentistry when needed during procedure. Care and safety are a priority for us and you can feel assured to know that we take it very seriously. We will evaluate each child’s needs and establish what the best plan for them will be. We are very sensitive to their emotions and yours as well. Each child is different and our staff here are also different which means we have a wide variety of individuals to help meet the need of each child.

Special Needs Dentist Specialization and Services Provided

The dentist can be scary, especially if it is new and out of the routine. Sometimes sedation is necessary to help those with special needs get the care they need. We work with you to determine what is the best route to go when it comes to sedation in your special needs child. Whether it is an additional shot at a specific area being worked on or if it is sedation to help them sleep through a procedure. We want you to also feel comfortable and know that safety is our number one priority and all needs of the individual are taken very seriously and evaluated before any decisions are made.

We like to focus on preventative care because it can be the key in avoiding further dental procedures in the future that may cause additional stress and concern in special needs individuals. We will help our patients establish daily personal hygiene goals and will recommend frequent cleaning to take place as well. Preventative care is so important and we work hard to help each individual to understand that and try to make it a fun and exciting experience for them as well.

It is important to us that a special needs individual establishes a good relationship with us. This is something that we take very seriously and want you to feel confident in knowing that your loved one is in good hands. We understand that children with special needs also have special hearts and we work hard to be sensitive to that.

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We understand that life is busy and it can be hard to find time for everything we need to do. We also know how important dental hygiene is and know a clean mouth and a beautiful smile can help us feel confident and can lead to other healthy choices in life. We work hard to fit in to the schedule that you need and understand that life can be a bit crazy at times. We know that the experience you have here will be one you will be grateful for. We are accepting new patients so what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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